According to the proclamation of the year 2016 called "the economy of resistance", the department of energy of Ghods-Niroo Company in order to use the available potential energy savings in electrical energy, has implemented several internal optimization projects for June 2016. The most important projects are the optimization and replacing of fluorescent lamps with LED lamps in the company. The advantages of this project are as follows:


  Promote the culture of savings according to  the economy of resistance
  At least 20% reduction in power consumption due to lower power consumption
  Rate of return of 2/8 years
  The duration of the project less than a month - 2016/06/09 to 2016/06/29
  Reduction of environmental emission (Greenhouse Gases) due to lower demand of electricity
  Reduction of environmental effects of mercury used in fluorescent lamps
  Elimination of ultraviolet radiation
  Longer life of LED lamps - Almost 4 times more than conventional lamps
  higher durability and reliability of LED lamps
  Providing lighting with higher quality